• April 3, 2016

Dobrna in Spring

I´ve made a little trip again yesterday. Dobrna to me means great people, positive energy and a lot of laughter. Having friends from Dobrna I already knew I had to take you with me and show you the beauty of the place. The first thing I´ve noticed after getting there is how peaceful and, well, small Dobrna really is. We parked near Terme Dobrna, which just happens to be the oldest working Slovenian thermal spa with a tradition that is about 600 years old.
What I was most excited to check out was their 200-year-old spa park. If you´re a nature lover (as I most certainly am) you are going to fall in love with this park. It offers such peacefulness, a beautiful shade on a sunny day and I even noticed a tennis court next to it for all you sport junkies. Now, that´s not all you can do sports wise in Dobrna since it offers great cycling trails, group workouts, volleyball courts etc…only to name a few things.
Now, if there is one thing I can guarantee from being friends with people from Dobrna, it´s the quality of their wine. I have to admit that some of the best wines I´ve ever tried came from Dobrna and well, I believe you should try some too. After our little walk in the park we got a bit hungry so we´ve decided to grab something to eat. We visited the place called ˝Pod Kostanji˝ and I have to say their food did not leave me disappointed. A cozy setting and the people around us really made us feel comfortable and I have to say I would definitely be happy to go there again. You know I eat a plant-based diet so I can´t speak from my experience, however their ˝čevapčiči˝ are supposed to be really yummy. We soon had to get back since I was meeting some friends in Maribor later that evening, so I really didn´t get the chance to experience Dobrna as much as I wanted to, but I´m sure I´ll be ringing my friends up soon to ask them to show me more of it. The drive back was beautiful and I even stopped a couple of times along the way to take some photos so make sure to follow me on Instagram (@aleksandraroseblog) to see more. Now, my coffee is ready so I have to go, but I will be back with you shortly to finally share with you the last two vlogs from London and an amazing outfit post we created with Nik.
P.S. Did you know the name ˝Dobrna˝ comes from an oak tree ˝Dob˝ which can be seen all around the place.


  • Super objava, Dobrna je res zakon 🙂
    Mi je pa bil sam izgled bloga prej veliko bolj všeč, sedaj zgleda precej začetniški in nedodelan.

  • Prekrasne fotke 🙂 ko bos drugic spet v blizini javi za kavico 😉 ce bo kaj vec casa 🙂

  • Hvala 🙂 Ja, res je lepa, mirna predvsem 🙂
    Huh, meni se pa zdi tako veliko bolj pregleden in lažji za iskanje objav..

  • Hvala! 🙂 Definitivno bom! 🙂

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