• April 4, 2016

Class Caffè Gorizia

About a week or so ago, me and Nik went to Gorizia, Italy. I´ve always had an obsession with Italy so shooting in Gorizia felt as natural as it can get. Much like with Ptuj, the narrow, paved streets and those big, baroque style buildings get me every time. Italians are some of the kindest people I have ever met and their fashion sense is out of this world. Me and Nik walked the streets, took some shots of my outfit *which is so on point, I know* and had a good laugh. After a while our energy started to run low so we searched for a place to get our coffee fix, not knowing we would stay there for a lot more than coffee. It was Easter Monday when we went out shooting and if there is one thing you should know about Italians its the fact they take religion seriously, so you can bet your sweet bippy finding an open bar near by was almost impossible. Btw, did I mention it started to rain? So, there we were, searching for a bar, not trying to pee our pants and avoid rain as much as possible when we ran into Class Caffe. We sat down and I went to have a look at the inside and oh-my-GOD was I impressed. The bar offers a really modern feel, while it still looks like a great location to get some drinks at with the girls. The ambient was really peaceful I just had to share it with you.  What Nik loved most was how the lights in the bar were placed which gave me somewhat of a halo effect and really accentuated my features. Now, I don˙t know about you guys, but the next time I´m grabbing coffee with that cute guy I know where I´m going! Whether you´re on your lunch break, business meeting or just want to grab a couple of drinks with the girls while in Italy, I suggest checking out Class Caffè. Their coffee is delicious, the atmosphere awesome and they have the coolest staff ever. If you are ever in Gorizia, we should definitely hang out! Whenever I come to my hometown I like to visit Gorizia, since I live like 5 minutes away and I truly do feel more at home in Italy than I do in Nova Gorica. Now, enough blabbering I have to hop into the shower, so I don´t miss my lectures (again). I just want to thank Class Caffè Gorizia for allowing me and Nik to take some pictures and being very patient with us while we hopped around the bar flashing whenever we found something beautiful (which was basically at all times).

Dress: Shein (buy here: http://goo.gl/81VkJ4) Jacket: Stradivarius Bag: Primark Heels: Pitarello Italy Nails: Sara (contact here: https://goo.gl/6RhZaT) Scent: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (new edition)
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Photo: Nik Pangos


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