I have heard a million of times how fun blogging is and I do agree. However, before you start your blogging carer there are a couple of things I want you to know. I´m aware this post might offend some people, however I think we sugarcoat blogging way to much and girls going into it frequently have a wrong idea of what it actually means to be a blogger. I love being a blogger and would never want to go back to the days before I opened up my blog, but I am aware (and have been from the first day I opened up my blog), that just like in life, in blogging there can be some bad things about it. I´m writing this post not to complain, but to warn you girls (and guys) who are thinking about starting your own blog about what being a blogger actually is. A lot of people think blogging is all about getting free stuff, going to fancy events and some even have this crazy idea you can make a living with blogging (seriously guys, in Slovenia!?). This last post was so obviously wrong to me I did not even include it on my list and will just touch on it quickly here for those of you who actually think we, bloggers in Slovenia, make our money by writing – we don´t. In the 3 years of blogging I have made just enough money to buy my domain, a couple of beauty products I later reviewed and some decor for my photos. Yes, as you can see, you can make a little money on the side, but guys, that is only if you work reaaally hard and even then you will maybe be able to take your family to dinner one day with the money you make.
Now, enough with that, I think I have made my point, let´s get down to it.

  1. What´s free time?
    Once you decide to become a blogger your whole life starts to revolve around it and you find yourself with no time for yourself. Even when you do get that hour or two in a day you can´t shut your mind off and you keep thinking about ideas and ways to improve your content. You might think I´m exaggerating, but I came up with this post while in the shower, trying to relax and enjoy some me time. You will constantly be bombarded with emails and you will never truly enjoy the parties you go to since you will feel like your time should be spent blogging.
  2. There is such a thing as free stuff and it´s not always fun.
    Yes, as a blogger you get some free PR samples and that´s awesome, since you get to try out new things and report to your readers your thoughts HOWEVER there is a lot of pressure that comes with it two. I  know so many girls who are too afraid to write a bad review since they were given a product, they rather just buy it for themselves. I myself do not find that challenging since I believe it is my responsibility to inform companies if/when something fails to work and thus help them fix the problem. What I find more disturbing is unexpected packages. Don´t get me wrong, there is nothing better than to see companies appreciate you enough to remember your (or your blog´s) birthday and send you a goodie or two and Christmas just wouldn´t be the same without all those lovely cards and beauty boxes under the Christmas tree. What pushes my buttons is how some companies expect you will write a post for everything they ever sent you. Again, I personally do not struggle too much with that since I always tell whoever I collaborate with there is a chance some things might not be posted or will be in a couple of months (after I really test the product out), however I have heard so many complaints from girls saying they have felt pressured to post about a product they did not even know will find its way to their mail boxes.
  3. You can never truly relax and be a normal student.
    You know all those fun, drunk nights with your squad? Well, forget about them. I love being crazy and I will be the first to admit going out on a Tuesday is a part of being a student in Maribor. However, once you start blogging you will no longer be able to share your crazy nights on Snapchat or any other social media site (unless you have it set to private, which I strongly suggest you do not if you want to grow your blog), since your readers and the companies who follow you will not take you serious and will think of your behavior as setting a bad example. I have told you before I am a smoker (what a stupid decision it was to start) who wants to end this bad habit, however has a lot of difficulty with it. Now, if I were just another student that would be a normal thing (a dumb, however normal thing), but now that I am a blogger I have to limit my smoking since I am aware I can influence some younger generations into such stupid behavior and I can´t tell you how many comments I would get about how bad this habit is for my health and appearance if I ever decided to be public about it and share it in my outfit posts for example. You can never go out with the squad before an event and you have to schedule going to the movies weeks in advance since you don´t want bags under your eyes at a meeting or a photo shoot.
  4. You will always have a struggle prioritizing.
    College vs. blogging – my biggest struggle. I can´t tell you how many times I thought about quitting blogging and how many times I wanted to be a full time blogger (not that that is an option in Slovenia – at least not yet). You probably know I study two majors in college; Philosophy and English. This takes up quite a lot of my time (and all the lectures being mandatory really doesn´t help with that either) and at the end of the day I am usually too tired to function. Although I do find blogging relaxing and it does feel like a great stress reliever I notice the post I create AFTER my lectures are usually not nearly as good as those I create on my days off (to put it nicely). The biggest problem with prioritizing is going to event. You probably know most events happen in Ljubljana and although I am always honored to be invited I sometimes do find it hard to manage skipping class and attending them. I´m currently dealing with this problem since May was quite a busy month for me and well, as I have mentioned all my lectures are mandatory. My week days are hectic and finding the time to squeeze in some socializing or doing some sports seems like a mission impossible.
  5. You will lose all your trust.
    This is one I had to learn the hard way. I was never the kind of blogger who would hide her tips or tricks since well, to be honest I never really saw the point in that. Why would you have to go through everything I went through to get to where I am now if I could make your life easier and just show you what works? Well, turns out not everyone thinks like that. I can´t count all the times I tried to help someone only to later find out they were using me and only wanted to steal my readers (yes, my dears, that s*it does happen). I´ve had my ideas stolen so many times I stopped sharing them. I´ve learnt to keep things to myself and only trust those closest to me. As my brother once said..there are only two secrets to success;
    1. Never tell all your secrets.
  6. Your readers will expect you to be online 24/7.
    Yes, I am online most of the time, however that does not mean I am available most of the time. Once my blog started to grow a bit I have noticed some of my followers started to expect a lot from me. I feel like some people don´t realize there is a living, breathing being behind the keyboard who can only do so much. We all eat, sleep, love, fight and have personal problems we have to take care of, just like you. Yes, we put our lives online, however that does not mean we are available 24/7. Just like you we have bad days when we want to shut the world off and getting a message about how irritated you are about the fact we did not answer in the same day truly does not post. I´m a perfectionist so seeing all those unread messages really stressed me out and that is why I´ve decied to turn my Facebook messages off and only respond to my emails. (Don´t worry guys, if you ever truly need help with something you can still contact me at aleksandraroseblog@gmail.com) Why you ask? Well, unlike Facebook I can read the message when I want (without the person knowing I read it and thinking I am ignoring them when they see that annoying ˝read at…˝ thing on Facebook),take my time to think about the response and reply whenever I feel like it. This helps me stay sane and helps me manage my time better. Yes, you may not get the answer within the same day (hell, sometimes I might even take a week to reply), however there will be an answer eventually.
  7. You always have to dress to impress.
    You know all those events we´re invited to, think about all the meetings we have to have and imagine seeing one of us when we´re out grabbing coffee somewhere fancier..do you imagine seeing us there with no makeup on, greasy hair and in our sweat pants? You probably wouldn´t trust us so much with our fashion and beauty tips now, would you? Don´t get me wrong, we all do that, we are all normal girls, just like you, but still, whenever we go in public we make sure to look presentable and sometimes it can be a bit tiring. And another thing, most of us (all of us Slovenian bloggers at least) don´t have any managers who represent us so we have to do that ourselves and well, your appearance sells your blog. How you choose to represent yourself is a way to bring in the readers you want.
  8. You have to watch your language/tone.
    This is probably the hardest one for me since (as you can tell from some of my posts) I like to speak naturally and with that comes some swearing, too. But let me be the first to say that not all appreciate our direct approach. Some get easily offended and being someone who loves dark humor and sarcasm I do find myself holding back at times. I know my readers understand me, however going to meetings and event you have to use professional language and well, ˝being funny˝ isn´t really you should want to do. Don´t get me wrong, we all love a good laugh, but not as harsh as I´m used to. Again, some don´t have a problem with that, but if you are anything like me I´m just warning you that, like in life, when it comes to blogging you might wanna tone it down a bit sometimes.
  9. People will never understand why you do what you do.
    ˝Stop wasting your time.˝
    ˝Why are you doing this, you´re never gonna make it.˝
    ˝All your blog does is cause us financial difficulties.˝
    ¨You moved your blogger from Blogspot to WordPress, what does that even mean!? It´s just a waste of time, you know that.¨
    ˝You think any of your readers actually takes you seriously!?˝
    ¨Yea, all you bloggers are just a bunch of spoiled brats who only care about how you look.˝
    ˝Why do you have acne, if you are such a know-it-all!?˝
    This are just a couple of the comments we, bloggers, hear on a daily basis. Don´t get me wrong, proving people wrong and showing them there is more to you that fashion and beauty is really fun, but telling everyonhttp://www.aleksandrarose.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=2435&action=edite why you do what you do and how much joy it brings you can be quite tiring. Yea, I think we are all aware we are not going to be the next Chiara Ferragni, but still, no matter how many times we explain our passion some people will just never get it. Keep that in mind the next time you think of opening up your blog.
  10. You will never have enough time to create/share all you want to.
    I told you about my little notebook, where I write down all my blog ideas, before and currently there are 73 ideas in it. Do you think I will ever get down to actually writing them!? Probably not. You see, although some might think blogging is the easiest thing in the world, there is more to it than meets the eye. When it comes to blogging you have to understand it is quite time consuming. The photo taking, the writing, the editing of both the photos and the text,…it all takes quite some time and fitting it all in next to your busy schedule sometimes feels nearly impossible. Let me just tell you this; In the last month, I have seen my parents 2 times. This weekend (it was my mother´s birthday) and a day before, when we had to actually arrange an hour to grab coffee in a spa near Štajerska region. Now, if that doesn´t indicate how busy we can get, I don´t know what will. At this moment I would love to take a day off and just sit by my computer and create content for you guys..you know what´s stopping me? Real life. I have to prepare for my presentation I have today, go to college for half of the day, answer emails, do research for some college projects..and I can´t even imagine how mom´s and bloggers who have an actual job do it all, but I will forever have great respect for them. Don´t get me wrong. I love blogging and wouldn´t stop for the world, however it does get annoying at times to have so many ideas in your head and not being able to make them happen.
    (Remind me again, why isn´t blogging an actual job in Slovenia yet!?)

There are a couple more things I could mention, however I want to stop here since 10 is such a great, round number and I just wanted to create this post to warn all of you who want to get into blogging. Having a blog is fun, it´s exciting and I could probably list a 100+ reasons why you should blog, but I´m sure my colleagues have done it before. If you wanna do it, go for it, you have my absolute support, just know you will get as much as you put in and it will only be fun if you make it fun.

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