• July 10, 2016

Rose bought a flat & other nonsense

It´s been quite some time, ha? Well, for all my Slovenian followers I´ve prepared a video explaining what´s (been) going on and for all of my foreigners I´m gonna do that now. I´ve been MIA for the last month or so for a couple of reasons and since you all know I can babble quite a lot I´m gonna try to keep this one short, since I am currently in a caffè, using their wi-fi and I think the summer heat will melt this ice-cream I´m eating before I even finish the into. So, without further ado, here´s what´s up:

1. I bought a flat!
I know, how crazy is that!? A 21-something buying her own place, 250km away from her hometown, going after her dreams in her favorite town in Slovenia, which she now, proudly, calls her hometown. If you think buying an apartment is as much as spending some cash and calling it your own, think again. There´s so much paperwork you have to take care of and it can get quite busy if you´re on your own – which I am. From putting my name on it, taking care of the bills being transferred to my name, changing the address of my hometown to decorating and furnishing it, I´m doing it all. Now, I do quite enjoy the process although I have to admit it does get a bit overwhelming sometimes and I feel tired a lot, but I know it will all be worth it once it´s finished. And if you thought for a second I won´t share my experience with you, you thought wrong! I am planning on posting a lot of content concerning decorating, for people in their 20´s trying to buy a place of their own and not knowing what to look for and where to start and much more…just you wait ´till I get my Internet provider fixed.

2. I got a job!
Yea, that´s right. Now, of course this is not a permanent job, since I´m still a student and it can get quite hard finding a job while still planning on getting a lot more education for yourself, however (once you read number 3, everything will be much more clear) I got a student job as a sale´s assistant/cashier at an awesome store Sportina in Europark, Maribor. I really enjoy working there and my co-workers are everything one could wish for in co-workers. I love working with clothes and (being a fashion blogger) I have so much fun helping the customers and seeing how a simple, new dress can boost their confidence and make their day. However, as everything in life, you can´t have a rainbow without a little rain..well, the only downside I could think of is the fact that my schedule has been packed recently (however, I choose to blame the paperwork for it all) and I haven´t had so much time for you guys – but that´s about to change soon, so don´t worry.

3. College and exam period.
Yes, as I have stated I´m still a student, just about to do my diploma and be finished. HOWEVER, I´ve recently decided to take a year off (yes, in Slovenia we have this thing called ˝absolvent˝ which is kind of like a gap year, when you are still considered a student, but can take your time with writing your diploma and finishing any exams you might have left) and I have to say that has been hard for me since it is in my nature to do everything as soon as possible and I´m not one to slack off, so having to skip some exams and/or not pass them was actually quite hard for me, since my conscience just wouldn´t let me be..but hey! I´m finally learning to enjoy it and well, why not take what I can get and spend a year doing what I love – blogging!

4. Planning my life away.
All my life I´ve quite independent, however once you own an apartment the reality hits. Everything changes in a blink of an eye and you have to grow up over night. You start seeing life differently and you always think you´ll run out of time so taking a day off becomes an unknown concept. I know, I know, everyone around me keeps telling me I should just relax, take a long bubble bath and get some sleep, but if you know me, you know that´s not an option for me. I can´t keep still until everything is sorted out and I can never spend time doing useless things while there is still work waiting to be done. For the past month I have been planning my life out like crazy and I can´t begin to tell you how much I have learned about myself and how differently I started looking at life, it almost feels like I´m becoming a different person day by day. I love the process, I just want to ask you to be patient, since there are many plans I have for my blog as well – posting every day (or at least every other day) being one of them and I can´t wait to share them with you – I just have to find a good Internet provider that actually knows how to get the job done first :D.

Now, enough rambling, I´ve finished my ice-cream without even realizing it! Hope you appreciate this little update and for all my Slovenes, here´s the video I´ve prepared for all of you, so you don´t forget what I look like :P.

BTW! Anyone knows any good photographers in Maribor? I can´t believe I won´t be able to work with Katja, Nik and Teotim as much now that I´m in Maribor…I already miss them and our crazy, fun shoots. But hey, at least I have some photos that remind me of them and today I´ve decided to share with you one from my first ever photo shoot with Teotim – the day I met this crazy, ambitious, smart and talented soul who completely changed my view on life and got to me in ways no one ever did. It is things like these why I never want to quit blogging – because of it I get the chance to meet amazing people who inspire me to do the best I can and be the best me I can be. Teotim, thank you for being you, this day will forever be marked in my memory as one of the best days/nights in my life!
Guys! Please show him some love/support by liking his Facebook page: Teotim Logar Photograpy


  • I suggest you a few photographers:

    – Tibor Golob
    – Vanessa Tivadar
    – Rok Tržan
    – Romina Ivančič
    – Katarina Veselič

    And congrats for new flat & job! I believe how hard it must be for you with blogging, and I really hope to see you more on social media from now on 🙂

    • Thank you! I know some of them, but I know they are extremely busy, so I was looking for someone who shoots as a hobby and not as a carer, since I don´t really know when I´ll have time and material to shoot so I need someone flexible 🙂

      Thank you! Yea, it´s a bit hard, but I know it´s gonna be totally worth it! And I will, from this Tuesday, when I get my Internet connection sorted out finally 😀

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