I´ve told you before how I´ve been all about minimalism lately and today I want to share with you some of the ways on how it helped me.

1. No more clutter
I can´t tell you how refreshing it is to have a clean, open space. I try to live by the mantra of minimalism not being the absence of someTHING, but the appreciation of space. I love how bright and open my place looks and I never have to worry of not having a place to do my yoga, play with Mica or invite people over. Having fewer stuff also means less stuff to clean and I bet there isn´t a soul in the world that wouldn´t want that (O.K. Maybe Mr. Monk would, but that´s a completely different story. – Get the reference? :))

2. I have more time
How and why? We all have 24h in a day, yet we all think there is not enough time to do what we want. With minimalism I have learned to prioritize, to think about my shopping habits and to know what I actually want to do and what I need to do. I stopped going to the mall, just because. I gained a lot of time since I can clean up my place in a matter of an hour (and if you have a place of your own you know that sounds impossible – it´s not). I stopped online window shopping since, well, I rethink my purchases and only buy what I actually need (all you emotional shoppers, I know this one might be hard for you, but you´re gonna have to replace your Friday online shopping spree with quality time with your friends or family).

3. I can save up more money
I believe this to be the most obvious one when it comes to minimalism. With buying less you might invest in some pricier items, however; there being fewer you will still be able to save a lot of money in the long run, for the things you actually enjoy. Instead of buying a trendy T-shirt in 5 different shades, invest that money in yourself, book a seminar, buy yourself a book, take yourself out on a date or go on a crazy adventure. Invest in experiences rather than material possessions. In the long run, you´re gonna thank me for this one.

4. Less things to fix
Living on my own, I had to learn to become quite independent, however; there are still some things I cannot fix myself (for real, there is water dripping from my water boiler since the day I got it and my idea of fixing it is putting a towel over it when it drips). Owning less means less money spent on repair and as I´ve said before, since you start to invest in quality over quantity you are sure to own items not needing the repair (just make sure to keep up with the maintenance).

5. I have the perfect amount of clothes in my wardrobe
I am a fashion blogger so you know my closets were usually packed. With minimalism I have learned to invest in key, basic pieces and find pieces I can mix and match. I always think about my spendings and look at the quality of every single item I purchase, since I do plan on keeping it for a while. I always know what to wear and I believe a minimalistic fashion style truly is the classiest of them all. Remember the quote from Coco Chanel?

˝Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.˝

Even she knew, that less is more and she´s considered to be an icon and an inspiration to everyone trying to add some class to their life.

6. I no longer have to search for something
Everything has a home in my place and if you know me you know I´ve spent 3/4 of my life searching for my phone, my keys or whatever else you can think of. With minimalism I have learned how to give everything its home and now I can proudly say I always know where something is. Goodbye stressing out and running around the house like crazy looking for your keys and hello having an extra minute or two to do your makeup.

7. I have rediscovered my love for the nature and all it has to offer
With less material possessions to focus on you have more time to go outside and enjoy what this world has to offer. I don´t own a TV and I don´t want to either. Why? Because I would rather look at the sunrise/sunset than dumb myself down with a series of Keeping Up With The Kardashian.

8. I got more creative
Not just with style, but with everything in life. With owning less you learn how to use a certain thing in various ways. You begin to appreciate it more and you can be sure you will get your money´s worth by using it more often.

9. You become more thankful
Minimalism has thought me how to be thankful. We go through life taking things and people for granted. With minimalism I have started to appreciate everything around me a lot more. When it comes to material possessions I use the KonMari method and only keep what brings me joy, and when it comes to the relationships I have with the people in my life I have learned to enjoy every minute I have with them. (And yes, when it comes to the people in your life, you should try to be a minimalist about it to – quality over quantity.)

10. You become overall happier
How many people do you know that just can´t imagine their life without the new Iphone? How many people do you know that only know joy when they try out a new pair of jeans? Are you one of those people? I´ll be the first to admit that there was a period in my life when material possessions brought me more joy than they should. I thought getting the new MAC lipstick will make me the happiest girl alive and guess what? It doesn´t. When you actually see things for what they really are – something to make your life a bit easier and NOT something that´s supposed to be the only source of happiness in your life, you begin to see what really matters. You don´t have the need to go out and wait in line for the new ˝it˝ thing, because you are perfectly happy and content with your life as it is. You prioritize seeing your puppy happily playing in the backyard over a day in the mall. You learn to appreciate everything around you and with that you don´t need a new pair of Louboutins  to be #blessed. You learn how to be happy. You learn how to declutter your mind and find joy in the simplest of things – like lying on the grass on a beautiful sunny day.