Red lips have been a sign of something attractive, daring and almost sexual for as long as we can remember. There is something about red lips that gives us the confidence we need without us having to do a thing. It draws attention and makes us instantly more attractive to the person (this is something red does on its own, weather it be on a dress, on our nails or even our hair color) without having to say a word. Today I want to share with you some of the tips and tricks I learned as an obsessive ˝red-lips-wearer˝ through out my life.

1. Clean your teeth
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a beautiful girl with juicy, luscious red lips smiling. However, to make the image even better imagine pearly whites hidden under those lips. Good oral hygiene is crucial for any darker or more daring lip color since those tend to put the focus on the smile and well, you don´t want to have everyone guessing weather you had spinach or broccoli for lunch, right?

2. Exfoliate
Just like with any other part of our body, we should exfoliate our lips as well, however; I´m sure you probably do that at least 50% less than with all other parts of your body. I don´t know why, but when it comes to our lips we neglect exfoliating so I wanted to highlight this point in this post. If you don´t do it on the regular, at least do it when wearing bolder colors. I suggest Lush´s lip exfoliates,  however; some coconut oil and sugar will do just fine, if you´re tight on the budget.

3. Moisturize
I´m not sure why, but many skip this step. I could guess and say some might think it is not necessary, however; what you are probably not aware is that thirsty lips will take whatever they can get and if you apply your favorite bold color right after you exfoliate, sure, it might look good for the first couple of hours, but sooner or later your lips will appear dry and maybe even cracked. The color will be patchy and it will not show up as bright and vibrant as you want it to – that´s because your lips will eat up whatever they can get. So, before you apply anything else, make sure you moisturize your lips. I suggest using NUXE´s lip balm Rêve de Miel, since I believe it to be the best I have ever tried, however; I am aware it can be a bit pricey, so using a cheaper alternative or even plain, old Vaseline will be just fine, too. (Anything is better than nothing.)

4. Tap away the excess
After about 2-5min take a clean paper towel and wipe away whatever product is left on your lips. This will create a clear canvas for you to do your magic on and your lips will still be nourished from what you fed them before.

5. Line those lips
I don´t care how good of a product you use over it, do not forget to line your lips first! Trust me, I was the one who never used lip liner, until I noticed all my lipsticks starting to bleed out during the day. It took just one red Essence lip liner to change my thoughts about it and now I swear by it. I would rather not wear anything on my lips or just a clear lip balm than a lipstick without a lip liner under it. Trust me girls, a good lip liner will get you far. My favorite is one from Deborah (can´t remember the shade atm, but I´m sure I´ve mentioned it a million times on my blog already).

6. The big finale
Ok, so you did all the steps I told you about and now comes the hard part, making sure you don´t mess up with the lip product of your choice. Lately, I fell head over heels in love with Beauty UK´s lips MATTER red velvet matte lip cream. I got it from Lič and it has been my ˝go to˝ for the last couple of weeks. It is the perfect, vibrant matte lip cream that stays on your lips for ages without patching or staining my coffee mugs. The cushiony wand makes it easy to apply, however I do suggest being careful with applying since it will not move once it dries and any mistake you might make will be there for hours. I usually start at the center of my top lip and accentuate my  cupids bow and then slowly drag it out all the way through my top lip. The right side of my top lip is a bit thinner than my left, which usually creates a mess for me, since all my lip products move from my bottom lip to my top and thus it always goes over the line, but with this product, I just wait for it to dry completely before moving to my bottom lip and then, with the same patience I did my top lip, I apply it there too and wait for it to dry before I go on with my day. I think this is the first product ever that stayed in place and looked exactly as I wanted it even hours after I applied it. Now, I admit I haven´t tried it yet, since this is not really my style, but I am sure a product like this would be perfect for over-lining your lips, too, since it is sure to stay in place.

7. Conceal
I admit I sometimes forget to do this step, but I believe it makes all the difference. Taking a thin brush and some concealer and applying it as near as possible to your lips will make them even more defined and even give an illusion of being a bit bigger and fuller then they actually are, just try it and let me know if you found out that to be true.

8. Don´t forget about your cupid´s bow
Cupid´s bow. Hah. What a cute phrase for such a small part of our face, right? Ok, enough of that. Some do this step earlier in the process, but I find it best to do it at the end, since I sometimes choose to over-line my cupid´s bow or change its shape. A little highlighter can go a long way and it can make your pout even fuller. Now, I´m not saying go all out with your brightest highlighter and shine bright like a diamond (yea, I sang this part, too), a little goes a long way so make sure to use a gentle hand with it and only apply it to the center. You can even use a light highlight chubby stick for this step (I am currently trying out one of Beauty UK´s and am sure to share my experience with you guys sooner or later), just make sure you don´t go over all the work you just did.

9. Smile
Ok, I know this seems like a lot, but trust me, if you put some effort with applying your makeup in the beginning, there will be no need for constant touch ups during the day. Now, you are probably wondering why I added this point as a final step. No matter how good your makeup looks, there is nothing prettier than a beautiful smile on your face. So, even if you (choose to) have a bad day always find something to be thankful for and enjoy the little things. Life is as you make it so be sure to smile as much as you can. You know the saying;

˝A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.˝