˝O.K. Rose, we get it; You´re a Vichy ambassador! How many more times do you have to tell us how honored and happy that makes you!?˝

Now, let me stop you right there! This post is totally not gonna be what you think it will. Although all before mentioned is true, this time I wanted to show you just one of the reasons, as to why you should love Vichy as much as I do. I want to talk about a miracle worker. A product that covers up my acne and my acne scars like nothing ever did. A product made for my skin. A product everyone dealing with acne or acne prone skin needs in their life. That´s right, I wanna talk about Vichy 3D Correction foundation. Before going any further with this post, let me just share with you what my skin looks like with no coverage at all.

Now that I let that sink in, let me tell you why I believe anyone who´s skin is prone to acne or suffers from left over acne scars, needs this product in their life.
I´m not gonna go into what this product is made of or why it is beneficial to the acne prone skin by itself, since I know you can all google that in a matter of seconds. I´m here to tell you about my experience.

I first tried this foundation this summer and I have to say I just couldn´t figure it out. It´s texture is a mixture of Benefit´s Porefessional primer and a high coverage foundation, something like the Revlon Colorstay or the basic Vichy Dermablend.
I have to admit this summer I was all about light weight coverage (if any), since carrying boxes into the fifth floor while trying to furnish my apartment, I didn´t really feel the need to get all glammed up. There were a couple of nights I decided to go all out and put the product into test, however, those were too few for an actual review.
So, September came and with it high coverage foundations, correctors and dark shades on the lips. If you suffer from acne you know the struggle is real when it comes to wearing burgundy lipsticks and tryin´ to put the attention away from the red blemish poking out of your skin or that huge Mount Everest that grew on your cheek in the middle of the night.
If you´re like me and you´ve tried a million things so far and nothing seems to work I know you´re a bit sceptical about it all, but I´m here to tell you – THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!

It covers up my acne, it makes the mountains on my face less prominent AND it goes perfect with my skin tone. It feels like velvet on the skin, while it still gives it a natural finish. Using it in the areas of enlarged pores is like using Benefit´s Porefessional and applying a standard foundation over it, for a third of the price. Yes, the product is a bit pricier than your standard, drugstore foundation, however it´s still quite affordable, since you will have to use less and you´ll save some money on concealers, too. The packaging looks super stylish on my vanity table, however I would prefer the standard, glossy version, since a matt finish really isn´t one to stay clean for long. The foundation promises a 16h stay and although I can´t tell you if that is true, since I´m tryin´ to be a good girl and have a bare face more often, I can say it´s staying power is stronger than that of Revlon´s Colorstay and Bourjois´ Healthy Mix (and you know how obsessed I was with that thing). Using it I haven´t noticed any new acne forming (unlike other foundations I have tried in the past, including those from MAC cosmetics), I even think it is helping my skin recover (or maybe that´s all the new natural skincare´s fault). Now, I know you´re all waiting on the photo proof of what I´m saying, so here it is, the magic of Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation.