I´ve told you before how I wanted to change some things about my blog and Youtube channel and although I must admit I have been drawn back to beauty and fashion as soon as I finished that post (maybe ´cuz it´s in my comfort zone, something familiar, or maybe I actually feel such passion about it), some things have changed. Every day I´m finding new ways to love life and it loves me right back. I am sure you have all heard of the Law of Attraction by now and if you are anything like I was, you think it´s full of BS. Well, recently I have been getting more into it and not just that, I´ve started to completely change the way I look at things and I want to share that with you.
I was once the girl who would sell her soul to the devil for a pair of Louboutins and dream about the new Naked pallete for ages; however, years and growing up have showed me what I am truly passionate about. I am discovering who I am day by day. I am not one to dream about fast cars, expensive lingerie or dinner dates in the fanciest of places. Sure, that´s all nice and I can appreciate all of it, but going on a walk in the park and throwing the frisbee around with the people I love will give me just as big of a thrill as all of the before mentioned will. With years I have learned not to depend on other people for my happiness and not to wait on them to make me feel good about myself. Many books and Ted talks later I have to say I love me. I am happy and proud of who I am and if some can´t accept that I know that is something they will have to deal with and not me. I am continuously growing and every day I get a new opportunity to evolve. Life is constantly showing me I am going down the right way, throwing amazing new people and seminars my way.
Guys, although this post is supposed to be an outfit post, I want you to get one thing from it. Learn who you are and be that. Love yourself and only do what you feel is right. The rest will follow. Trust me.


Jacket: PULL´N´BEAR Blouse: SHEIN (buy here: http://goo.gl/PQiHg3) Shoes: PITARELLO ITALY