I´m a firm believer in stepping out of my comfort zones – in all areas of one´s life. It helps you grow, learn and discover things about yourself you never thought to look for. Although I am a routine kind of gal I love to switch it up from time to time to spice things up and make life a bit more interesting. This time I took on ˝the challenge˝ to switch up my makeup routine a bit and this is what I found out. I got a chance to try out the new La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo + Unifiant tinted cream and with that came the time to say goodbye and see you later to my all time favorite foundation, Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction. Now, don´t get me wrong, I still cheated on my new relationship when I put on my ˝work makeup˝, since I do work in a social environment and looking as presentable as possible is in my nature; however, it was time for a change and my skin was ready to take on the challenge.

This is what I learned in the first couple of days of trying the product out:
˝Oooouch! This stuff burns! O.K. Definitely not putting it on any of my open acne or nowhere NEAR my eyes.˝
˝How am I ever gonna get used to such little coverage!?˝
˝Remind me again why I´m doing this!?˝
˝O.K. I can notice SOME change on the surface of my skin.˝

The first week went by and I kinda got used to not having a full face of makeup on my day-to-day basis. I actually began to enjoy how quick I´m able to put myself together and I didn´t even feel the need to cover up my acne that much anymore.

Here´s what week 2 taught me:
˝Damn, this stuff ACTUALLY dries out my acne!˝
˝Huh, who knew there was a product out there that could make my acne scars a bit less prominent, while still allowing my skin to breathe and show its true colors.˝
˝O.K. Definitely not going to work without my holy grail foundation ever again.˝
– People actually started to compliment me on how good I look with less makeup and if I may quote of one of my dearest friends; ˝Damn Rose, you know I appreciate how beautifully you do your makeup, but seeing you without as much of it on really makes me notice the spark in your eyes a bit more and I have to say you look like you´re glowing!˝

O.K. Although I learned not to go to work without my foundation on week 3 I´ve decided to make a compromise and apply the product UNDER my foundation. This is what I learned;
– Using both product means I don´t need a full coverage foundation, my standard Bourjois Healthy Mix will do just fine.
– The product dries out any existing acne SUPER fast. I´ll go to work with my base looking as good as possible and a couple of hours later I´ll see the acne that popped up in the morning getting flaky and dry.
– Taking my makeup off after work meant seeing a completely different face than the one in the morning – ˝Bye, bye acne!˝.
˝O.K. I must be imagining things, this product actually helps my dark spots and acne scars heal through out the day!˝

It has been about 4 and a half weeks of me tryin´ the product out and although I found the change refreshing, I´m going back to my one and only. I will still continue to use the product on my ˝no makeup, makeup˝ days and under my foundation, since I did find it helped heal all my problem areas quite a lot. If you´re worried about the discomfort I experienced in the first couple of days, don´t be. I can only blame myself since I couldn´t stop picking at my face and going over the wounds with the product (please, for the love of God, don´t do what I did, the acne will dry itself out, trust me). Overall, I really enjoyed using it and I do recommend tryin´ it out. If you only get occasional acne and do not suffer from a major case of ˝pizza face˝, as yours truly is, I think this product is the one to go for. It helps your skin while gives it a beautiful glow and it offers a slight coverage (not as much as the Vichy Normaderm BB cream, tho). It is great for everyday use and it´s texture will make any product you apply after it go on ever smoother.

Before applying the product:

After applying the product:

Now, if a routine obsessed chick like me can step out of her comfort zone and switch up her makeup routine, so can you! I dare you to try adding a new product or step into your routine (or maybe try skipping one or two for a change) for the next month and tell me what did you learn in the time. Have you tried La Roche Posay´s new gem yet? What are your thoughts?