I like to play around with my makeup day by day; however, there are some basics I use pretty much every day and I believe these are the products all you beauty lovers need in your life.

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation
Ok, this is more for my acne-prone skin girls, however if you want to try out a full coverage foundation, this is the way to go. Foundation is what gets me going and the one thing I love to experiment with and talk about 24/7. I gave a review of this product on my blog recently and you can read it here. If you you don´t need that extra coverage Bourjois´ Healthy Mix is a good way to go, too (been a fan for about 5y, until I discovered the above mentioned gem) and I´m even planning on talking about a new tinted moisturizer/bb cream I´ve been trying out recently in the future so stay tuned.

Catrice Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
I believe this product does not the hype it deserves since it truly is a miracle worker. I got all my friends and family members hooked and I´m sure you will get there too, if only you give it a go. I use it mostly under my eyes, since Vichy´s foundation takes care of the rest.

Catrice Translucent Powder
I´ll admit, this isn´t really an outstanding product, but it get´s the job done, while not braking the bank so..why fix something if it ain´t broken?

Anastasia Beverly Hills´ Dipbrow Pomaid was a favorite of mine for years; however, in one of the goodie bags I got at the Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up I got this little guy and it completely changed my view on things. I am lucky enough to have quite thick brows I don´t really need to maintain that much, however this pencil makes them look even more polished and put together and the shade I got is just perfect for me. It gives me the precision and control I always wanted while giving an extraordinarily natural look. To be completely honest, I´m kinda over that whole, bushy-Cara-brows and right now I´m back to accentuating my features instead of transforming them and NEBLA´s brow liner Brow Devine Neptune is perfect for that – you can find it here.

Catrice Highlighter
While writing this I am just as shocked as you are that most of the stuff I use on a daily basis are drugstore, meaning – cheap. I have tried numerous highlighters in my life although having combination skin; however there is always something that makes me come back to Catrice. At the moment I am obsessed with the shade CO1 Golden Grace from their Treasure Trove limited edition collection.

What are some of your everyday essentials? I would love to read all about them and maybe even add some to my routine.