You know I have an insight into who reads my blogs and watches my Youtube videos so I´m sure you know the struggle of growing up and trying to be an independent woman in your 20´s. Although your experience might be a bit different than mine, I am sure there are some things we all have in common and today I´ve decided to highlight some of them, try to take the harshness off of them and realize how silly and funny they actually are.

1. You never stop trying to become a morning person
Now, although I do consider myself a morning person, there are still mornings when my bed´s just too warm and no matter how hard I try there is not a reason in the world that will get me up – doesn´t mean I´ll stop tryin´ tho.

2. You learn how to get ready in 15min or less
It´s possible. You know I love caking up my makeup and I am one of those girls that loves to mix and match her outfit before stepping out of my flat; however, with years I have mastered the art and I can do so in 15 minutes or less. Girls! Let me say this again – IT IS POSSIBLE!

3. You enjoy eating alone
Moving on your own you begin to miss the things you once took for granted and having some company while enjoying a jummy meal is one of them – but not for long! Sooner or later you begin to enjoy stuffing your face while watching your favorite show with no one there to judge. And the best part? You never, EVER have to share your food – if you don´t own a pet, that is.

4. Budgeting is f*cking hard!
There are times you feel like there´s no fun in the world and you´re the only one facing financial difficulties and then there are times you treat yourself to a splurge or two, feeling like the true queen that you are. No matter how good or bad you feel you have it, budgeting is hard but hey, I´m sure we´ll get it right some day! We just gotta keep the faith!

5. You realize you need money to survive, but you find you need other treasures to live
All your childhood you believed having loads of money will bring you joy and happiness. As time goes by, you realize there is more to life that what you own. You realize what truly matters is the people in your life, the love you share and the memories you make. Having a good credit does not mean you´ll be happy and having enough to survive does not limit your happiness either.

6. You know your mom can cook better than you, but you still have to do it for yourself
…and you know what that means! Pasta´s on the menu again! 😀

7. You finally set standards for your romantic relationship(s)
When younger, you don´t really know what desires and wishes you have and so there are countless times you end up settling when it comes to your romantic relationships. With years you learn a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes and what you are willing to put up/what you can´t stand. You also realize time is precious – and there is no way you are gonna spend it on something or someone that will cause you nothing but stress.

8. A night in watching a good movie sounds waay better than a night out partying
After a long week of working hard, cleaning, taking care of your pets (if you have any) and having to deal with daily troubles there´s not a chance in the world you´ll feel like dressing up, putting on your high heels and going out dancing. Nights like these will happen once or twice every half a year while the other will be reserved for PJ´s, tea and a good movie marathon.

9. Your parents´ happiness is your happiness
Being a teen means hating your parents and never taking the time to look into things from their point of view. As years pass and you start to gain some knowledge you realize they do actually look after your best interest and they always try to do what they can to give you the best. In your 20´s you start to appreciate their wisdom and seeing them smile makes your day.

10. No matter what, you´re still proud to be where you are
No matter how much you complain, there´s still nothing in the world that would be worth having your freedom being taken away from you. Having time on your own in your 20´s is the best thing ever and there is something new in every day. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you are going through, at the end of the day all you need to know is that you are enough, you are in charge of your own faith and happiness and there is not a problem in the world you could not handle.

YOU GOT IT GIRL! Now go out there and rock your onezie! This is the best time of your life so don´t ever allow anyone to take it away from you. You are your own person and you get to choose how you are going to live your life. All you have to do is decide. Now, go out there and live your life!