I´m in a bit of a rush since I just came home from work and now I´ve gotta go meet some poeple, so today I´m gonna try and make it quick. A couple of weeks ago me and Luka Rebolj finally got together and created a new outfit post for you guys. We´ve been planning to do so for about 2 or 3 years, now, but somehow we just never got around to doing it. I was super exited when the day finally came, since I know Luka is a professional and his work is beautiful and something completely different from what I am used to. We had some bad luck with the weather,  however I still think we pulled off the shooting quite nicely and I´m more than happy with the results. Without further ado, here´s what we´ve created.

P.S. Yesterday was Luka´s birthday so make sure you head over to his Facebook page (you can find it here) and give him a big like and send some sweet thoughts his way.

Clutch: Parfois
Dress: ZARA
Shoes: Princess Shoes