Since today´s the International women´s day I wanted to bring to you something a bit different – something, that brings a smile to my face every time I think about it. Not only, is the content I´m about to share special because of the person in it, there´s also a little surprise for one of my lovely readers in it.

A week or so ago I got the opportunity to create some beautiful content with the person who (with his videos, coaching and seminars) motivates, inspires and educates many, but also made an unbelievable impact on yours truly. Since the first time I ever heard his voice there was something that resonated with me and I have to admit being in his presence always lifts up my spirit. Now, before I share what we created and before I give away the big surprise, let me also tell you about a project me, Denis and 9 other beautiful people are working on – 2VibeUp. 2VibeUp is a place for everyone who wants more out of life. Anyone, who wants to attract beautiful things into their life and create a better tomorrow for us and our successors. I invite you to enter our story and help us create something magical.

Now, I know you are all excited to see what´s ahead, but let me just say, before you go on and watch the video, there´s something special at the end of this post awaiting one of you and I couldn´t be happier for you.

Have a beautiful women´s day, my loves, here´s the video:

There are only 2 steps you gotta take to enter the giveaway and get the chance to meet this beautiful soul and yours truly in person at his ˝I am.˝ seminar on the 25th of March, 2017:
1. Write me an email as to WHY you would love to attend Denis´ seminar (or just come and say Hi!) – you can do that easily by clicking the ˝Contact˝ tab or addressing the email to
2. Go to my Facebook page and give it a like.

You can also get the ticket here: