A couple of days ago I opened up some of the PR parcels I got for an unboxing video I am planning to post shortly to my Youtube channel and in one of the boxes there was a little something that caught my attention and I knew I had to review it ASAP. It was the new Lancome´s Matte Shaker. As most of you probably know Lancome released their Juicy Shakers about a year ago (I wrote all about the event and release here) and although we all fell head over heals for the packaging and what it promised, we were not all that impressed with the pigment and I even noticed it dried up my lips more than it nourished them, so seeing the new version I knew I had to give it a go.

You´ll be able to see my first impression in the video, but for now let me just say the pigmentation left me speechless. It is nothing like the original and maybe that is due to the matte finish, since these kinds of formulas usually are more pigmented, but there is only one word I could use for it: opaque. Not only is the pigmentation like nothing I have ever seen, it is kiss-proof, too. I applied it first thing in the morning, made myself coffee, ate my breakfast and drank some tea by noon and the product was untouched. Although the shade I got is a bit out of my comfort zone (way brighter than what I first expected), I know Lancome always brings various shades to the table so I bet there´s a shade for me out there. The shade I got is Pink Power and it truly is powerful. It screams spring and I bet it would go perfect with a beautiful summer tan, too (Gosh, that reminds me! Summer is just around the corner and I´m as pale as a ghost – anyone knows of any new self-tanning products I must try out?).

Expecting the formula to be drying I filled up my bag with lip balms and headed for the day. Throughout the day I only touched up my lips once and even that was to get a more vibrant color, there was no trace of the product leaving my lips. Now, although the product is not as drying as its previous release it did dry out my lips a bit, but it was nothing unusual or nothing any other matte product wouldn´t do – that is why I always recommend applying a lip balm before any matte lip product.

The sponge applicator has it´s ups and downs. It is practical due to the fact you can bring it with you anywhere, without needing to worry about not fitting it into your clutch, however I would recommend being careful with the first application, since the product dries up in no time and there is not really much time (if any) for cleaning up any mistakes.

Another thing that can be a hassle is how the product is almost impossible to take off. Although that is what I love most about it since I hate having to touch up lip products, at the end of the day it´s what drives me nuts, too. It just wouldn´t come off. I tried gel formulas, lip scrubs, micellar waters and nothing seems to get the job done. I have yet to try taking it off with olive or coconut oil, but having run out of both I had to deal with a little product being left behind for the night.

The product definitely won me over and I can´t wait to see what other shades Lancome has to offer (I would love to have a nude and a dark, red one for the night time) and although there is a bit of a struggle when it comes to taking it off I am more than happy to deal with such an issue for the simple fact of not having to do any touch ups throughout the day – no matter how much I eat or drink.

Have you tried out the new matte shaker? What are your thoughts? Did you find Juicy Shakers to be waay too drying, too? What shades do you recommend from the new Matte Shaker collection? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave them in the comments section bellow.