A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.

I have to agree with Marilyn Monroe on this one. Since the beginning of my blogging career I have been emphasizing the importance of personal hygine (you can read one of my first ever articles in slovene on the topic of a bright, white smile and tricks to achieve it here) and when it comes to teeth the emphasis is much bigger. We can all agree that seeing a person with a smile on his face can brighten up even the worst days and it can even leave a great first impression.

I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve to keep my pearly whites as pearly as they can be (adding milk to my coffee, avoiding soda that can darken up my teeth, choosing shades of lipsticks with a blue undertone etc.) and I´m always the first in line when there´s a new technique for making them even brighter.

And so, a couple of weeks ago I got a PR mail saying there´s a new product on the market, that not only promises to give you white teeth, it promises to do so in a week! Being a skeptic as I am I took it as a challenge and gave it a go straight away.

In the parcel you also get a scale to monitor the progress and checking where I was when I started I graded myself as a 3.5, since that number is not on the scale I asked my boyfriend for help and he decided I was a solid 3. The first time I used the product I was disgusted by its taste, it reeked of chlorine (well, it would be weird if I tasted anything else since there is no harmful substances in the product itself like hydrogen peroxide, which can lead to permanent damage on one´s teeth and it can even increase their sensitivity, and so it shows its power through chlorine dioxide (chlorine and oxygen), that reacts with the coloration and oxidizes it, making the coloration separate from the enamel, leaving our smile that much brighter) which made me quite thankful for the cold I cought in the next couple of days that numbed my senses.

I have to admit I sometimes found it hard to incorporate another 10 minutes into my daily routine and I just wanted to crawl into bed; however, what kept me going was the thought of a brighter smile (that, and the compliments I got from my boyfriend – although sometimes being fake). After using the product for 7 days straight the joy was real! Not only because of the fact that I am finally done, but checking my results with the scale really left me speechless. It silenced my inner skeptic and I could not believe I can actually tell a difference. I finished with the treatment right before leaving for London, so I was unable to take a photo straight away; however, I did manage to catch a moment a couple of weeks after the bleaching, where you can still see the results and the difference it actually made. So, without further ado, here is the proof.