O.K. Let me start off this blog post admitting I have no idea what the topic will be, where it will lead or if it will make any sense. It´s Monday morning and today I woke up with an uncontrollable desire to write. After about an hour on Pinterest, searching for ideas I came up with nothing so I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I´m sure some of my fellow bloggers can understand what I´m going through right now.

I have been trying to get into the habit of going for a run first thing in the morning (or at least a walk) and for now I have managed to do it once. I mean, don´t get me wrong, the idea of getting out of bed and doing something for my body, thanking it in such a way excites me, but c´mon! When that morning sunshine greets me there´s just no way I can leave my bed. Is it just me!?
Now, I know this is weird, but the one time I actually managed to do it I felt on top of the world, excited about the day, at peace and my body sure liked it. So why the hell can´t I do it any other day? The fluff on my belly would sure be happy about it, my ˝part time smoker˝ lungs would sure be thrilled about it and I know I would feel like I have a lot more control in my life and it would lead to a great start of the day. So why the hell can´t I do it!? It feels good in the moment, it feels good after I´ve done it, so why can´t I do it any other day!? Seriously, I need answers and I need them fast! I´m turning into a big ball of laziness and I know a morning walk or run does wonders for me so please, help.

You could probably guess this is what happened this morning as well. Looking at how the morning sun peeks through my bedroom window my boyfriend had to literally pull me out of my bed and as I got a chance to look myself in the mirror as I was sliding down the bed I felt as I have disappointed myself. So, I started to look for things that would make me feel better and that is the story of this blog post. Writing always makes me feel great and it gives me the energy to go on with my day. Now, I do still feel bad about that run/walk so, I would really appreciate any tips you might have for me!