I´ve been a morning person for as long as I can remember and I never really had a problem with mornings. In fact, I have developed a few habits in High School that I continue to follow to this day. For me, mornings are all about peace, pampering and preparing for the day ahead.

After what was quite a stressful beginning of the year I knew I had to bring some peace, relaxation and playfulness back into my life. I took a shorter brake and started the change with mornings. For me, mornings are synonymous with time for me, completely guilt free.

For starters I have switched my usual routine of going through my emails, replying to comments and looking through my planner for reading a good book or listening to some quality lessons or seminars. By doing this I have noticed my mornings began with a different energy level. There was no sign of stress, negativity or rushing anymore, all I could sense was being at peace and starting the day with some grace.

I then continued with what I put in my physical body. I´ll admit, this December I have completely forgot about all my healthy habits. I forgot about working out, drinking water and eating nutritious foods. My body did not take it well, besides gaining a couple of pounds I have seen how unhappy it was with my decisions on my face. I have always run out of energy in the middle of the day and I can guarantee you an afternoon nap was a must for me. That is why I have decided for the next change. I started being aware of all that my body does for me, the love it gives me and all the abilities it provides and so I have decided to return the favour. I made my first larger online order and my cupboards filled with food that gives my body all it needs to function properly. With this I have noticed a change in the way my skin feels and looks. Although I can still see the damage I did in December, it is getting better and better each day. I have also noticed I don´t really experience sudden energy drops and even walking to the top floor is not a problem anymore.

I´ll admit, it took quite some will power for the step and at this moment I can say I am sincerely grateful for technology for helping me along the way. I have stumbled along an app which helps you become a better you. It started by having a glass of water by my bed side table, that greeted my body and gave it a fresh start every morning and it continues with a reminder for a healthy breakfast. I can´t wait to see what´s to come. The app is called Fabulous and I truly believe that is the perfect name for it. This is not the only app I have stumbled upon that helps me being calmer, more relaxed and overall healthier, however I will talk about the other in one of my future posts.

O.K. So I did some reading, had a jummy breakfast (I admit, having breakfast in bed kinda became my thing recently), it´s time to start my working day, but before  that let me just take care of my skin and other personal hygiene and then get back into bed. I started to begin my work schedule with my favourite part of my job. Social media has become my guilty pleasure and I´ll admit I spend way too much time being a part of them. But recently it has become a great way to make the transition from pleasure to business. I have just changed up my Instagram feed a bit and it is so exciting to see how each new photo I post creates a new look for the account overall.

I always spend my mornings in great company. Although Buki was not really in the mood for the photoshoot, Mica rushed to the bed as soon as she saw me going to the bedroom in hopes to get some cuddles in. Animals, truly loving beings that always make sure our stress levels are low.

After such a morning it is time to put on my favourite lightweight foundation, get into some comfy and warm clothes and the day can begin. And trust me, a good start of the day is a guarantee for a more peaceful day and a more relaxed way of handling everything that can come your way.

Photo: Ana Sajovic
Lingerie: Modna Dama
Breakfast: Malinca
Book: Vas j**e ego?, Igrid Divković
Nails: Lepotni studio SS